Please, stop disputing your hotel charges.

Look, I don’t know if there’s been a particularly stupid crop of people around lately, but this has happened twice in the last month.

A guest stays with us at the hotel. Signs the registration card. We take a photocopy of the photo ID.

During their week-long stay, they dine in at the restaurant a few times. Sign those room charge vouchers, with their name, room number, and signature.

Come check out time, they come to the desk, are presented with the bill, sign the merchant copy of their slip, and go on their merry way.

So why, for crying out loud, do we then receive a merchant dispute from their bank, claiming that it was either a “fraudulent transaction” or that the cardholder never stayed?

And to whichever bank sided with the cardholder and let them win the dispute, despite bucketloads of proof that they did stay and it was their signature – a hearty fuck you, for giving them their money back, resulting in us losing ours.

Luckily that was the exception to the rule, and most of the time once the bank has this proof, they go back to the cardholder all “LOL nice try, go away”.

And then we blacklist the guest for trying to rip us off.


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  1. Love the tags so far, “stupidity” and “crazy people” … I like the direction you are taking with this.

  2. How can that be if they signed in and you have their card imprint from their check in. Time to start photocopying driver’s licenses or passports.

    • Interestingly, one major accommodation website stipulates in their supplier T&C that a photocopy of Government-issued ID must be taken at the time of check-in, for merchant disputes on their end.

      If they receive a merchant dispute and the hotel doesn’t have photo ID on file, if they lose the dispute they will not provide the hotel with payment.

      Some people get very paranoid about us photocopying ID however, start going on about identity theft.

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