Even hotels get telemarketers

You know how everyone gets cold calls from telemarketers? Yep, hotels get them too. Most common tend to be about our phones, but I’ve also taken calls for people trying to provide service for printers, gym equipment, computers, and one person who was under the impression that we didn’t actually have a website but they’d be happy to design one for us, for a fee of course.

Now, if these cold callers had done their research, they would realise that a) they are calling a hotel, and b) that we are one of a number of hotels, and that our head office is located in another state – even if we were interested, they’d have to talk to head office anyway.

I took a call last night, right as my hotel manager – also known as Bossman – walked down to the desk to leave for the day. He only managed to hear my side of the conversation.

“Welcome to Hotel Anonymous, how can I help you?”

‘Good evening. I’m currently calling from [garbled company name] regarding your phone service. Are you the owner?’

“Sorry, we’re not interested. Goodbye.” And with that, I hung the phone up.

The look on Bossman’s face when he thought I’d rudely hung up on a guest was priceless. Total shock. Once I told him what it was, he didn’t care.

To the telemarketers – please do your research more thoroughly. The owner of a multi-hotel chain would not be answering phones at the front desk of the hotel in another state. And on the minuscule chance he was, he wouldn’t tell you that!


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