The snark is even better when it’s management approved.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. My bad. I have been amassing stories – we have had some real winners the last couple of weeks, so expect to see those posts in the next few days.

In the mean time, I have been continuing my love-hate relationship with our reservations department. I’ll be honest, it’s mostly hate, with a side of love for one or two of the staff members.

See, our reservations department used to be in the same state. And I worked in the reservations department. We were awesome at our job and kept hitting targets – until they decided to relocate the central reservations to another state and expand the department. Our positions were effectively made redundant (although they “offered” us the chance to move there if we wanted to continue in the department – ha!), and we got moved from our cushy Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm jobs back to shift work, crazy hours, and weekends. Not long after I got back to the front desk I was promoted to my current position.

But, having worked in reservations, and knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to do it correctly, I take it more personally than most when the reservations department mess up. And boy, do they mess up. At times, they’ve pulled entire bedding configurations out of thin air, and promised things that don’t exist to our guests – and guess who gets to clean it up? They are safely tucked away in another state and don’t have the guests in their face, annoyed that their booking was messed up.

The last couple of days I have been having delightfully snarky emails back and forth with the department. All of these are sanctioned – and in some cases, encouraged – by my hotel manager, who I think finds it quite amusing how personally offended I get when they mess up.

One of the email trails from today:

Reservations: *Forwarded email with a basic enquiry* Please help with this enquiry, thanks.
Me: Sure, what do you need help with? 🙂
Reservations: With the parking enquiry.
Me: Sorry – I’m a bit confused – I thought you guys responded to enquiries?
Reservations: Yes, but I’m in a different state so I’m not great with directions.

Oh, come on people! The car park is right next door to the hotel – it is not rocket science. Plus, they all have templates (as do the front desk) where we can copy and past the information right into the email, because seriously, we get hundreds of emails a day and nobody wants to type out a response every time.

I played nice and responded to the enquiry for reservations (plus, the agent is someone I get along with alright – we just get annoyed doing their job), but I did get some amusement of relaying the conversation back and forth to my hotel manager.

And so help me, if I get in trouble for my snarky emails, I’m taking him down with me.


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