The case of the missing speed hump.

We come across some pretty weird things at work. Generally this means that we aren’t phased by things that others would consider out of the ordinary.

Last weekend, however, I came into work and drove into the carpark. About a year ago, the facilities manager arranged for a speed hump to be installed about halfway down the ramp. I’m still not 100% sure why as I wasn’t aware of any speed issues, but whatever.

I distinctly remember the speed hump being there when I left the property at 11:30pm on Saturday night. Yet when I came in at 1:30pm on Sunday, it wasn’t there. Huh??

One of my colleagues, also a duty manager who drives in, was working in the morning. I text him. “So, the speed hump is missing in the carpark. What the hell?”

A few minutes later I run into him in the building, as I haven’t started yet.

“Did you get my text?”
“Yeah, what?”
“Where’d the speed hump go?”
“…oh wait, you weren’t joking?”

No, I was not joking.


Because seriously, who steals a speed hump?

Eventually we worked out that the maintenance manager had arranged for it to be removed (and I’m still unclear on why). Communication within my company is sketchy at times.

Whether sanctioned or not, a carpark fixture is one of the odder things to go missing around here.


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  1. I would always be happy with speed bumps going missing. I do not like them.

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