Check in time is guaranteed at 2pm. No really, 2pm.

Like pretty much every hotel you will find, we have a standard check in time (2pm) and check out time (10am). This is so we don’t send the whole day calling up people asking when they’re getting out of the room, but mostly so that housekeeping actually gets a chance to clean the rooms. Housekeepers clean pretty quickly, but there is only so many rooms they can do at once.

So please, for the love of god, stop trying to do the following:

  • Arriving at 6am and throwing a tantrum that your room is not ready.
  • Further to this, please do not camp out in reception and ask us every 15 minutes whether your room is ready.
  • Call us repeatedly before your arrival, trying to get us to promise that your room will be ready at early o’clock.
  • Give me a sob story about how you’ve been travelling for hours. I understand you’ve flown from the other side of the world, however this does not change the fact that someone is still asleep in the room!
  • Ask me every time someone checks out if you can have their room.
  • Try and convince me that I can check you into a dirty room, you can sleep, and we can clean it later. Ew.

These things happen far more often than you would think. This is remarkably common from guests who are flying in from the other side of the country – the cheap flights either mean a 6:30am or 11pm arrival. Far more people take the 6:30am flight, and then we get the above scenarios.

Look, we are not cruel people. We will hold your luggage. If you’re nice, we will put this through, where possible, to housekeeping as a priority room and we will try and get it ready a few hours earlier.

If you are a pain in the ass, abusive, because you failed to think this through, we will make you wait almost until check in time.

To the lovely group of Government officials from overseas we had come in last week, who carried on and made a huge scene about how you were originally coming in at lunch time, but rearranged flights so you could come in earlier and do more work, and how dare we not have rooms available? For starters, this is not my problem – you did not check with the hotel, we did not promise you anything, go away – we did check you in 3 hours earlier so don’t you DARE complain about how I didn’t help you. Secondly, nobody forced you to take an earlier flight. Chill the hell out.

And to you, sir, who tried to check in at 7:15am, got told we were fully booked last night and you’d have to wait, then pitched an absolute fit at reception when we checked a guest in at 7:30am? That gentleman booked from last night. His room was guaranteed from 2pm yesterday. He did the smart thing and paid for an extra night, because he knew he’d be travelling for 28 hours.

Continue to make a scene, and I will turn around to you and say something along the lines of “Sir, our guests are still asleep and do not have to depart until 10am. I am not going to call guests up and make them leave early just so you can check in.”

Oddly, I managed to get away with that one without a customer complaint. Maybe he finally realised what a jerk he was being.


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  1. I this story. A few times I’ve arrived early. Asked to have my bags put in the bag room and asked if I can be called when my room will be ready. I then go have a coffee and look around. I get a call, thank the person on the line and then check in. Smiling and being nice is all it takes.

  2. I *love* this story…

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