Sometimes, housekeeping gets it all wrong.

Like most hotels around, when guests request things such as extra beds in the room, beds to be split, we place a note in an electronic diary.  Housekeeping gets a copy of this report, and their staff do the tasks.

In theory.

We had four guys stay with us recently, in two rooms. The rooms they’d booked only had one queen size bed, the guys were not that friendly with each other, so had arranged for an extra bed to be placed in each room.

Somewhere along the lines, apparently housekeeping got a bit confused.

Guest 1 comes down to reception. He informs me that there is a cot in the room. He does not require a cot, and doesn’t believe that he will have a comfortable sleep in the room. Fair enough sir, we’ll get that removed.

No, I’m not entirely sure why a cot got placed in the room. You’re sure you don’t want that? Positive? No worries, we’ll get that out.

His friend with the other room comes down. Guest 2 starts talking to Guest 1 about the cot. Oh, Guest 2 has a cot in the room too? … Wait, what?

Guest 1 and Guest 2 discuss this at length. The front desk staff are rather amused at this point.

…Right, apparently Guest 1 has a queen bed (yes), an extra bed (yes), AND a cot. Confusion ensues.

Guest 2 is now confused about what Guest 1 means by a cot. “Does your cot look like a play pen with walls?” “No. Oh! I don’t have a cot. I have a bed.”

Okay, we have established that there is only one mystery cot. Guest 1 is fine, and we remove it.

We still don’t know how the cot ended up in the room in the first place. It’s not on any reports. At all.

Maybe we have a ghost child?


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  1. I just hope all four men got a bed each 🙂

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