It’s March 18. Really.

Quite possibly one of the oddest ‘arguments’ I have had with a guest, to date.

A gentleman came in at about 11am on Saturday morning to check into the hotel.  As the room wasn’t ready, he stored luggage, and went off to do his own thing, and said he would come back in later to check in.

Come Sunday morning, and I am clearing up some of the paperwork on the desk, and notice that his welcome letter is still sitting there. Now, this isn’t uncommon – sometimes when guests come back we create their keys but for whatever reason the welcome letter is omitted. Assuming that the gentleman has come back, I throw it out.

And, at about 7.30am, a gentleman comes into reception. He came in a bit earlier, he says, to drop off bags. He is here for the next couple of nights, and is wanting to check in and collect his keys.

Initially we think that he’s another one of our delightful early arrivals but upon inspection of his passport, this is the gentleman that the stray paperwork belonged to.

Not a problem, I print off another copy, create the keys, and confirm with the guest that as per our system, he is departing tomorrow – the 19th.

“No, that’s not right, I’m staying with you for two nights.”

I check the paperwork. Yes, arrival Saturday 17 and departure on Monday 19.

“Yeah, see, two nights I’m staying with you.”

Sir, today is the 18th.

“No, mate, that’s not right, today is the 17th, it’s St Paddy’s Day.”

Sir, that was yesterday. Today is the 18th. It is Sunday.

“No way, it’s Saturday.”

My colleague, who initially dealt with him – on Saturday – steps in to advise him that no, he really did come in almost an entire 24 hours ago, on Saturday, but today is now Sunday.

Guest still appears confused but eventually concedes the point.

Until I go with him to collect the luggage from our store room, where he begins the whole thing again.

“You really scared me, I thought my booking was wrong, I’m staying for two nights aren’t I?”

Yes sir, your booking was for two nights, however one of those nights has passed. It is Sunday.

“No way, it’s St Patrick’s Day, it’s the 17th, what are you talking about?”

Sir. I am 100% positive that Today. Is. Sunday.

“Oh, well, it’s not really Sunday yet is it?”

Sir, it has been Sunday for 8 hours already. It is well and truly Sunday.

“Yeah, but it’s not, it’s all good.”

At this point I give up trying to prove what day it is, and direct the guest to the lifts.

Throughout the whole conversation he appeared to be quite heavily under the influence. I can only guess that he went out to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, and somewhere in the process lost an entire day. I’ve had guests come in confused about the time – thinking it’s 10am when in fact it is 3pm – but never arguing that adamantly that the date is different. Hopefully he got some sleep and wakes up more orientated to the correct date.

Otherwise, it’s going to be a fun conversation on the 19th when we are waiting for him to check out and he tries to argue what date it is again. I believe I may have to employ the use of visual aids, in the form of a newspaper, to make my point.


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  1. I hope he sobers up overnight. What a pity he missed a night in your hotel.

  2. Bizarre! Follow up report needed … Hopefully he will come to his senses 🙂

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