Water cold. Water hot. No water.

A couple of weeks ago I came into work to do an afternoon shift. The morning shift let me know that for some reason 218 had no hot water in their apartment, and maintenance couldn’t fix it. A plumber was being sent out, who came in sometime during the day.

All was fixed. Or so we thought.

Because that evening, the guest called down. Why yes, they did have hot water – but now they had no cold water in their apartment.

Given that I don’t actually have any idea where the main pipes are located, we end up having to move the guest to another room. I email our maintenance manager to let him know, and at 9:30pm on Friday he lets me know a plumber is coming out ASAP.

There is a bit of confusion – wait, do you mean now? Eventually we work out that this is for Saturday morning.

I come into work the next day, and the plumber still hasn’t been in. Apparently he has been held up fixing a sewer pipe, I don’t even know.

Shortly afterwards, our maintenance officer pops into work, 3 year old daughter in tow, as he’s left something in the office. I make an offhand comment about how 218 now has the reverse problem, and he decides that it’s a problem with the main valve being turned off, and since he’s here he may as well fix it.

So, he proceeds to go and fix the water. Did I mention the main valve is on the roof of the building? I still don’t know who he offloaded his daughter to do when he was doing this.

All fixed. Until about a week and a half later.

I come in for my morning shift, and there’s a note saying that the guest in 218 has a problem with their dishwasher. Reportably it’s not running, and nothing is getting cleaned.

Pop up to the room to have a look, and yes, definitely a problem. It runs for about 3 minutes and then gives a few outraged beeps, an angry red light, and shuts itself off. Rinse (or not) and repeat when I try again.

Then I remember that this was the room the plumber had issues with. I decide to check under the sink, and what do you know – the water to the dishwasher is turned off.

Not surprisingly, when I turn it on and try the cycle again, water begins to flow.

I wonder if this means that I can bill the company for my plumber “skills”?


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  1. Do it, but please don’t expose your plumber’s crack or coin slot when you bend over. 🙂

  2. Such an easy fix! I own rental properties and things like that happen pretty often, so it is frustrating to have to go figure out something that the tenant could have easily have figured out.

    All part of the bizness, I guess!

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