You had an awesome deal the last 5 years. Pay full price, already.

A couple of days ago my colleague picks up a call. Places it on hold and tells me it’s for me. Sure, whatever.

I answer the phone. “Yes, this is Susan Meyers, and I expect you’ve been briefed of the whole story, so I need a room for [whatever dates]”

Back up. Briefed of what now?

Susan explains, apparently she is trying to book, and wants a certain rate, and reservations wouldn’t give it to her, so instead of escalating it within their department they transfer it to me. Awesome, thanks guys!

Apparently Susan has been a loyal customer and stayed in a Family Suite for the last 5 years over a particular sporting event – one of our peak periods where the rooms are at ridiculous rates. My system tells me that she’s stayed twice, not five times, but that is presently irrelevant.

The rate she is after is not only cheaper than our website by over $100 per night – but it’s cheaper than the lowest room we have available. Sorry lady. Not happening.

I explain this to her. In a variety of ways. She still complains. Look, I’m sorry you got such a great rate, you honestly shouldn’t have, we can’t charge you now for your previous bookings but we sure as hell can charge you the correct rate going forward.

Susan is still not convinced. And then starts going on about how the rooms really aren’t up to standard any way. Well, for starters, we are going through a full refurbishment. Secondly, nobody is forcing you to stay.

Susan now mentions that back when her husband had a company, they used to put people up at the hotel. If they stayed often enough they would have a contract specifying the peak dates. And if they didn’t, then they weren’t huge clients we had to suck up to. Either way, sorry, no cheap rate. She decides she will speak to her husband to see what he will do. I feel obliged to inform her that no matter who calls, we are not extending the rate to them.

I get asked if there is anyone higher. I check with my direct manager, who says hell no. I pass this on, slightly edited, to Susan. She wants to know who will give her the rate. I tell her nobody. Susan is not happy with this. That’s too bad for Susan.

In the end she didn’t even bother booking, claiming she could find it cheaper online. Perhaps she was looking at

I notated the crap out of her previous booking. On last inspection, she’d tried this on two other people who also said no.

Lady. Stop calling. We are not changing our minds.


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  1. Someone are just so cheap and will try anything to get a cheaper rate. They’ve got a nerve.

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