Smokers – we know almost all your tricks

I don’t smoke myself, but I understand the needs of those of my guests who do. Sadly, not all of our guests respect our non-smoking room policy, and either don’t choose to ask about options for smokers, or ask and then disregard what we tell them.

Let me preface this by saying that we have two options for smokers; on the top floor of the hotel there is two open balconies where guests can smoke*. We also have a large number of rooms with balconies, and while you can’t smoke in the rooms, guests are welcome to smoke on the balconies provided they try to prevent smoke from entering the room themselves.

*Related – guests, for the love of god, put your cigarette out before putting the butt in the bin, I’m sick of going up to the floor, smelling smoke, and having to race to isolate the fire alarms on the floor and try and find a room where I can get water to put out the small fire that was close to starting.

In my time in the industry, I’ve come across people who smoke in their rooms anyway. Some hide it. Most don’t. Sadly, despite having a non-smoking policy set out in the registration document they sign, it’s near impossible to prove that it is the current guest unless we catch them in the act, and then charge them.

To the ones who think they’re hiding it, but aren’t, here is a list of reasons we know you’re smoking in the room.

  • For starters, cigarette smoke. If my colleague, a heavy smoker, can go up to the room and say there’s a strong smell? You’ve been caught.
  • Covering the smoke detector with a plastic bag. Our housekeeping staff get confused by this, and alert us.
  • Further to that, a little tip – you’re not that smart by removing the entire smoke detector. It’s linked to a fire panel. That panel makes a loud-ass noise when there’s a fault, or an alarm. Removing the smoke detector causes a fault. And don’t try and tell me that it was like that when you entered the room – my system says you checked in at 14.08 and the fault happened at 17.32. Busted.
  • Running the exhaust fan. Trust me. We know.
  • If you leave your cigarette butts in the bin, in the sink, in the glasses, in the toilet, or all of the above? It’s a pretty big clue that you’re smoking in the room.  Especially when we find ash everywhere.
  • When the guest next door complains they walked past and smelt smoke? Sends up a warning signal.

It’s somewhat hilarious watching guests try and deny it, particularly those when the proof is right in front of us. I don’t care if you can do it in your home country, buddy, in my hotel it’s against the rules.

Luckily, thanks to the power of an Ozone machine, we can neutralise the odours, so we rarely do need to charge guests for this. We will, however blacklist at times.

Also because if there is a dispute regarding the charge, it’s a bit hard to send a smoke smell to a bank as proof of the charge.


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  1. Gee some people are stupid

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