This is what my week is looking like

Ever since I started with my current hotel chain, I’d been told that they were changing our system over to another one. I started almost 4 years ago. And admittedly it is needed, the system we have in place has so many quirks and throws a number of errors for no reason resulting in many pulling their hair out.

The new system is finally here, and it’s being installed on Monday night. We are all having freak outs. Because yes, it’s been rolled out across most of the other hotels already. But we still feel ridiculously under prepared.

All hotel staff have had training. 2 days. This is not nearly enough time to teach us a brand new system. There’s a ton of stuff they haven’t taught me, because logic appears to be that they will only teach the hotel and front office managers, who can teach the duty managers.

I have a list of stuff I don’t know, and need to know. It’s going to be chaos.

Oh, head office are going to be on the desk 24/7 through the roll out to assist… These are staff who don’t know everything about our property so I’m doubtful about how much they can help.

The next four days for me look like this:

Day 1: Go through every guest who is due to depart on the end of the month. Anyone who has a balance, send letters up to the rooms asking them to come and settle their account by tomorrow night. Finish doing end of month preparation. Begin charging the guests who are long stays.

Day 2: Make sure everyone checking out the next day has a zero balance. I’ve been told that we have no choice, they have to pay. How the hell I am going to manage this feat, I have no clue. Go through arrival paperwork for the next day and make sure we have all the paperwork, everything saved, in preparation for the system going down after month end. Finish checking month end reports.

Day 3: I am not here for this part. My two direct managers have to process end of month. Roll the system as we do each month. But the kicker? Once the old system has finished this month, we lose our system. Until the next day. I am no psychic, despite what my customers think at times, but I’m already predicting this will end in absolute disaster. We are without the system for a good 12 hours. And while we have done it before its generally been 2-3 hours at most. I’m paranoid that someone will be checked into an occupied, or dirty room, or want to move rooms and all I will have is a bunch of paper reports telling me what’s going on.
To top it off, I’m working with Newbie who has never worked when our system is down, and my Crazy coworker who is soon to be related to me – who has a stress out the second something goes wrong.

Day 4: The new system will in theory be in place. Someone has to go through and update all of the paperwork from the day before in the system. They all need to be checked into the system from the day before. The entire staff will struggle with a brand new system.

While I do agree the new system has its strong points, it seems to have unnecessarily complicated some of the basic actions. What we could do in one step appears to require 3-5 steps just to do the same thing.

It’s going to be fun.


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