One of our guests is being stalked. By gas?

Every now and then, guests will advise us that they wish to travel incognito. This isn’t an odd request, and we have no problem accommodating this. Most of the time we will just leave a note, and amend the booking name to put asterisks in front of it, so it doesn’t come up on a search.

We don’t need a reason to flag a booking as this. And generally, guests won’t provide one.

Not this guest who checked in a few days ago with me. She mentioned that she needed to be marked as a silent guest. Sure, we can do that, no worries!

Then the guest starts to give me her life story about why she is travelling incognito. I don’t remember the exact specifics, but there is a family will dispute going on, and she is fighting with her family, and she is travelling around different hotels for the past two months but they keep finding her and she has to keep moving hotels.

As a side note, I’m pretty sure if they keep finding you at a number of different establishments, you’re not hiding your tracks as well as you think you are.

So I flag her booking, note it down, pass it onto the next shift. No worries, right?

Nope. I come in the next day, and she’s been moved. Initially I think she’s been “found” again, until my manager tells me what’s going on.

She called down in the morning, and told us that she could smell a gas in her room. And it was poisonous.

Okay, that’s a bit bizarre, given that we don’t actually have gas in any of the rooms, but okay – guests have room moved for less than that.

But then she continues. Apparently this “poisonous gas” has been following her from hotel to hotel.

Say what now? Not. Possible.

So we moved her, and there were no further complaints. Yet. Although to be honest, I’m expecting her to complain on departure that the gas has followed her to the new room. Five floors down. On the other side of the building. Down the other end of the hall.

Because, you know, gas stalks people like that.



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  1. Was she just farting?

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